Generation OddCast Episode 42: Brought to You by Ebola


Welcome back you weirdos. We have to special guests this week a couple friends of mine Karma LS and Magic Mike! I want … Continue reading

Generation OddCast Episode 41: Dave Passed Out

Dave Passed Out

Alright so right of the back I am going to put this out there, Dave got so drunk at the bar … Continue reading

Generation OddCast Ep 40: We Get Nerdy

Come one come all to episode 40 of Generation OddCast.
We get straight nerdy on this episode as we start everything … Continue reading

Generation OddCast 39: Chris’ Crippled, Andy’s Late and Dave’s Beer Keeps Foaming

Dave free Candy

Well Oddience it is another interesting episode to say the least. We aren’t drunk this time and that is a good start. As you … Continue reading

Generation OddCast 38: Ask the Oddience While Andy is Drunk


Back at it again. The boys are back in full numbers this week as Chris, Andy and Dave sit around and shoot the … Continue reading

Generation OddCast 37: Generation Skinny with the Odd Cast of Mike and Adam



Welcome back creeps and peeps, it’s here! We finally got the opportunity to bring our very good friends Mike and Adam from … Continue reading

Generation OddCast 36; We Were Way to Drunk to Title This


Yea I don’t even know what to say about this. We got waaaaaaay drunker than intended. I think this is the sequel to the … Continue reading

Generation OddCast 35; The One Where Chris Is Late




Welcome Oddience to another terrifying rendition of Generation OddCast. This week Andy and Dave are feeling frisky and start without waiting … Continue reading

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